Shropshire bees, wasps and ants

Shropshire bees, wasps and ants is the first ever atlas of aculeates in Shropshire. It is based on approximately 14000 records, covering over 300 species,

Shropshire is a large inland county. It contains a great deal of habitat diversity within its boundaries. Significant areas for bees, wasps and ants include:

  • Ash landfill in Buildwas.
  • Old sand quarries in Morville and Cound.
  • Lowland heath in Ruyton XI Towns and Prees.
  • Flower-rich woodland in Wyre Forest and Wenlock Edge.

The authors have discovered churchyards and suburban gardens with a rich aculeate fauna in Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Craven Arms. There is a good diversity of aculeates in coniferous plantations in the Clun district, the upland heath of the Long Mynd, and lowland grassland and arable fields in the north of the county.

This atlas is one of a number which examine the distribution of some of Shropshire’s invertebrate groups.