• Summer countryside bundle
  • mammal tracks
  • Hedgerows
  • Flowers of walks and waysides

Summer countryside bundle

Get outdoors and explore nature this July and August with our Countryside Wildlife pack. From footprints to foxgloves, use the guides to discover more about wildlife and the natural world. The accompanying activity books are especially suitable for ages 7-14. The Summer countryside bundle contains

  • What’s that? A book of wildlife activities both indoors and outdoors
  • WildID Mammal tracks and signs guide
  • WildID Hedgerows guide
  • WildID Flowers of walks and waysides guide
  • Giving wildlife a helping hand

WildID Mammal tracks and signs guide

Mammal tracks and signs shows the clues left by the wild and domesticated mammals of Britain and Ireland. Many mammals are shy, making them difficult to see. But the signs that mammals leave, like tracks, droppings and feeding marks, can tell us a lot about which species are present. If you have never tried tracking before, the key thing is to just get out there and start looking. Areas of mud or sand are particularly worth checking.

WildID Hedgerows guide

Hedgerows features beautiful colour paintings of the common woody plants, wild flowers, birds, mammals and invertebrates that live in the hedgerow.

WildID Flowers of walks and waysides guide

Are you looking for a fast guide to wild flowers? Flowers of walks and waysides fold-out guide features 42 common wild flowers of Britain and Ireland. Grassy tracks, quiet lanes, hedgerows, playing fields and canal towpaths are a great place to look.

Our popular wildlife field guides measure 25 x 18 cm and are lightweight so are the perfect for popping in your bag when heading outside. All wildlife identification guides are laminated, to protect against moisture and mud, and are easy to wipe clean.