• summer insects bundle
  • dragonflies guide
  • Butterflies
  • Longhorn beetles guide


Summer wildlife bundle

May and June are fantastic months for getting outside to explore nature. Our summer wildlife bundle features around 150 different insects for you to find this summer: in gardens, the countryside and woodland.

Dragonflies and damselflies guide

The FSC Dragonflies guide features adults of 26 dragonfly species and 20 damselfly species.

Enabling speedy dragonfly identification in the field, it features beautiful life-size colour paintings shown by Richard Lewington. It’s packed with handy information and eye-catching paintings, with the insects shown from above plus close-ups of important characters. Supporting text for each species includes where and when to search for them plus their conservation status. With practice most species can be recognised in the field, even when in flight.

Butterflies guide

The FSC Butterflies guide is designed for speedy butterfly identification in the field. Colour life-size paintings of each butterfly by acclaimed artist Richard Lewington show all 60 wild butterflies of Britain and Ireland. We have shown both upper wings and under wings, so you can identify butterflies in flight and at rest. Similar looking butterflies are close to each other for easy comparison. Making a butterfly list is a great first step into wildlife identification.

Longhorn beetles guide

Covering 42 British species, the FSC Longhorn beetles fold-out guide is the first popular field guide for many years to these large and colourful insects. Although not as well known as butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds, the longhorn beetles are one of Britain’s most spectacular families of insects. Their distinctively long antennae help distinguish the group. Almost all longhorn beetles can be identified from live insects. Hawthorn, when in blossom between April and June, attracts many different longhorn beetles.

Our popular wildlife field guides measure 25 x 18cm and are lightweight so are the perfect identification aid for popping in your rucksack when heading outside. All wildlife identification guides are laminated, to protect against moisture and mud, and are easy to wipe clean.