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Summer wildlife bundle

May and June are fantastic months for getting outside to explore nature. Almost every week brings something new to see, as the days get longer and the weather warms up. Our summer insects bundle features over 130 different insects for you to find in early summer.

All our guides are laminated and lightweight and fold down to a handy rucksack size, so are perfect for popping in your bag for a walk just in case you are lucky enough to spot something special!

Dragonflies and damselflies guide

Our Dragonflies guide features adults of 26 dragonfly species and 20 damselfly species, with beautiful life-size colour paintings by Richard Lewington. Different forms for males and females feature where appropriate. With practice most species can be recognised in the field, even when in flight. The guide includes 5 further species of vagrants.

Bees guide

Our Bees guide is a colourful and informative  identification chart, featuring 28 species of bees found in gardens in Britain and Ireland. As well as the ‘Big Six’ bumblebees, the bee field guide includes mining bees, cavity-nesting bees and cuckoo bees.

Beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields highlight what to look for when identifying British bees. Plus the silhouettes next to each image show typical life size for each species

Butterflies guide

Our Butterflies guide shows all 60 wild butterflies of Britain and Ireland. Beautiful colour paintings by Richard Lewington will enable speedy butterfly identification in the field.

Similar looking butterflies are close to each other for easy comparison. Plus we have shown both upper wings and under wings, so you can identify butterflies in flight and at rest. Making a butterfly list is a great first step into wildlife identification.