• Summer seaside bundle
  • Jellyfish
  • Rocky shore name trail
  • shark and skate eggcases

Summer seaside bundle

Get outdoors and explore nature this July and August with our Seaside Wildlife pack. From jellyfish to catsharks, use the guides to discover more about wildlife and the natural world. The accompanying activity books are especially suitable for ages 7-14. The Summer seaside bundle contains

  • What’s that? A book of wildlife activities for both indoors and outdoors
  • WildID Jellyfish guide
  • WildID Rocky shore name trail
  • WildID Shark eggcases guide
  • Giving wildlife a helping hand

WildID Jellyfish guide

Mysterious and colourful, here are 28 different animals only found at the seaside. Jellyfish features 28 different jellyfish and allies: jellyfish, hydroids, soft corals, sea pens, sea fans and sea anemones. There’s also a gallery showing different jellyfish washed up on the beach.

WildID Rocky shore name trail

Going rockpooling? Rocky shore name trail is a favourite of generations of visitors to FSC field centres. It features colour paintings of the most common limpets, mussels, periwinkles, topshells, starfish, crabs and fishes you might see, plus seaweeds, lichens and sponges. Use the trail’s straightfoward yes/no questions to find out the names of what you see.

WildID Shark eggcases guide

Here’s something a bit different to look for on the beach this summer.

Although sharks, skates and rays are common in the seas around these islands, you are unlikely to see them as they live in deep water. But their empty eggcases (sometimes called mermaid’s purses) often wash up on the shore. Eggcases are large and robust, so are a great target when beach-combing. Plus unlike going rockpooling, you don’t have to wait for the lowest tides. This guide will help you identify which sharks and skates are living nearby.

Our popular wildlife field guides measure 25 x 18cm and are lightweight so are the perfect for popping in your bag when heading outside. All wildlife identification guides are laminated, to protect against moisture and mud, and are easy to wipe clean.