• summer seaside bundle
  • Summer coastal birds
  • Jellyfish
  • Seaside flowers


Summer wildlife bundle

May and June are fantastic months for getting outside. And the seaside is a great place to explore nature. Our Seaside summer wildlife bundle features over 100 different species for you to find this summer.

Summer coastal birds guide

The FSC Summer coastal birds guide features 28 of the birds to spot around the coast of Britain and Ireland in the summer months. The guide includes both cliff-nesting birds (like Gannet and Razorbill) and wading birds (such as Oystercatcher and Avocet), as well as all the common seagulls. Illustrations show birds their adult summer plumage. Accompanying text covers body size, summer activity and key things to look out for.

Jellyfish guide

FSC Jellyfish guide features 28 jellyfish and allied species of the British and Irish coast: jellyfish, hydroids, soft corals, sea pens, sea fans and sea anemones. Also includes a gallery of the commonest jellyfish washed up on the shore. Jellyfish themselves have an easily recognised body shape, consisting of an umbrella-like bell and stinging tentacles. These animals are weak swimmers, mostly drifting with the current. By contrast, sea anemones tend to stay in one place, attaching themselves to the rock with a basal sucker.

Seaside flowers guide

FSC Seaside flowers fold-out guide features 38 special flowers of cliffs, sand dunes, saltmarshes and shingle beaches. For the plant hunter, the seaside is a fascinating place to explore. Many of the flowers found at the coast don’t live anywhere else. On cliffs and sand dunes, the best displays of flowers are from April to July.

Our popular wildlife field guides measure 25 x 18cm and are lightweight so are the perfect identification aid for popping in your rucksack when heading outside. All wildlife identification guides are laminated, to protect against moisture and mud, and are easy to wipe clean.