• sunflower feeder and bird guide
  • sunflower feeder and bird guide
  • Park and garden birds

Sunflower feeder with guide

A sunny addition to any garden, this glazed ceramic bird feeder is in the shape of a sunflower. It’s suitable for all types of bird food, including seed, kibbled nuts and mealworms. Two drainage holes stop it from filling with rain water and spoiling the feed. Simply place the feeder in soft ground, like borders, lawns or around a wildlife pond, using the metal stem and spike.

The sunflower feeder is easy to assemble with the the threaded steel stem in four sections and the ceramic bowl on top. Designing the stem in four sections helps the product fit its smaller box. Regularly removing old and mouldy food and cleaning with a good wash ensures good bird hygiene. The feeder unscrews from the stem for easy access.

Plus to help you identify the birds you see, we have included the WilID fold-out guide to Park and garden birds. This guide covers the top 50 birds of gardens and parks, including ponds and rivers. Designed for speedy bird identification with living birds in the garden, the guide features beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields. Accompanying text on the reverse side covers body size, food, key identification notes and conservation status.

Gardens and parks are wonderful places for bird watching. Making a list of garden birds is a great first step into wildlife identification. Some species are present throughout the year, while others are summer or winter visitors only. Attract birds to your garden with the sunflower feeder, then use the guide to identify what you see.

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