Your application was successful and you are now able to book your chosen location using this webpage. This is a private webpage only for successful applications so please do not share. 

Please only select the location you were offered. You have a week to book your place before it is offered to someone else. If you have been offered a place but are unable to accept it, please let the Youth Engagement Officer know ASAP. 
If you have been offered the London day series, please note, there is no residential option 

As a reminder here are the dates and locations of each week: 

Aged 16-17, £90 cost to Scholar 

Aged 18-25, £90 cost to Scholar 

Aged 18-25, £45 cost to Scholar 

London locations:  

What else do I need to know? 

Once you have confirmed your place by paying the 10% contribution by following the links below you will be sent a timetable of the week (series of days if you were offered London) and further details. 

You should be really pleased with your application, we had an overwhelming number of applicants and narrowing it down to 15 people for each week was incredibly difficult, well done! 

Book your allocated location