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Mountains Make Me Jump ! Stoke New 6

For as little as £3 per month you can join FSC and help us provide financial support for young people to take part in an FSC experience through FSC Kids Fund, Bursary Fund, Young Darwin Scholarship or other similar initiatives. Join now

As an FSC member you will help us inspire young people and

  • All of your membership subscription will provide direct support for young people
  • We will invite you to special events which are organised for FSC members 
  • You will have access to an exclusive Member’s Preview of the individuals and families programme of courses at FSC Centres

Kids fund Harwich Ed Partnership
FSC Kids Fund
supports groups of young people who are disadvantaged in some way to experience and learn more about the natural world with the FSC

' ...not many of the group had experience of complete silence and darkness, they loved the opportunity to go into the woods in the dark to listen and look out for bats and other night time creatures. 

teacher from St David's Primary following a Kdis Fund course at FSC Slapton


   Central Foundation 2012 1

FSC Bursary Fund
provides support to individuals who are from disadvantaged backgrounds enabling them to take part in FSC curriculum focussed courses with their school class. 

 ‘The weekend was great. It helped me to really understand and ‘bring to life’ what I learnt in the classroom from textbooks, especially the unit on rivers.’
A Level student from George Salters Academy following a geography field trip at FSC Preston Montford

  sue and group

The Young Darwin Scholarship encourages young people (aged 16 and 17) who have a real interest in the natural world - the Darwins of the future.  15 scholarships are awarded each year

‘It made me want to do more and made a dream seem more achievable as a career.’
Alasdair 2014 Young Darwin Scholar

 ‘It is so good to get together with YDS – even my friends at University are not as interested in the environment as my YDS friends.’ 
Hamish 2012 Young Darwin Scholar attending the reunion at Dale Fort



JOIN NOW and help others be inspired by nature

FSC membership is only £36 a year  - this can provide support for two young people to benefit from a day course at an FSC Centre. If three people join then one young person can enjoy a two night residential.

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