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Can we count on you? By signing up to become a registered FSC supporter you are simply confirming you value FSC’s mission and how it tries to achieve it.

FSC uses the total number of supporters as evidence when lobbying government and making representations to further its mission. In 2013, as part of our 70th anniversary, we consulted with over 200 people regarding the challenges facing field studies and outdoor leaning in the 21st Century,  how can FSC and its partners meet the need of children, young people and the community and how can FSC inspire environmental understanding in the future. The results of the discussions were launched in January 2014 in Reaching into the Outside which includes the 10 priorities for the future (you can download a copy of the report here).  These priorities continue to form a focus for our work .

By becoming an FSC supporter you are showing your support and approval of our work to protect and build the inspirational activities and outdoor visits for which the FSC is renowned.

Our priorities for 2016 build on our mission and the findings published in Reaching into the Outside and include

  • Continuing to fight for high-quality field studies as part of a broad and balanced curriculum in schools and universities which is especially important during this time of major curriculum change
  • Striving to ensure that everybody has access to inspiring fieldwork and ensuring that the big changes in school exams, funding for poorer children and teacher training don’t prevent young people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds being able to experience the outside world
  • Building innovative links between fieldwork, health and well-being

The inspirational outdoor experiences in our iconic centres and stunning locations will remain at the heart of what we do.

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