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Urban ecosystems

Supporting fieldwork in towns and cities

Although towns and cities might look 'dead', biodiversity can often be higher than in the surrounding countryside. This website is designed for use by students and teachers of GCSE Science and AS/A2 Biology. It is intended to give background information on the plants, animals and habitats that are found in urban areas in Britain. Fieldwork hints and case study information are given where appropriate.

We've chosen three broad categories of urban habitat: grassland, woodland and wasteland. For each, there is an introductory review of the habitat's ecology, a look at some of the more specialised features of the habitat and guidance on carrying out fieldwork investigations.

Paris skyline

What are the features of urban ecosystems?

Playing field

Urban habitat 1: Grassland
From sports fields to gardens


Urban habitat 2: Woodland
From street trees to cemeteries

Gillespie Park

Urban habitat 3:
From abandoned land to walls

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