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Develop your interest in the natural world

Young People

Field Studies Council (FSC) has a great range of opportunities for young people aged 16-25 who are interested in learning more about the natural world. Have fun, learn something new and stand out from the crowd.

We are a charity that wants to help people understand and be inspired by the world around us. With the natural environment increasingly under threat FSC wants to help and inspire future generations who care about our environment. We can help you develop your interest and passion in this area, meet like-minded people and have exciting experiences.

Considering a career in this field?

If you are at school or college making subject choices why not look at our summer camps, where you can spend a few days learning more about an area and whether it is right for you. There are lots of options below too for enhancing UCAS or job applications, helping you to stand out – from Duke of Edinburgh to volunteering.

Many graduates are leaving university with ecology or biology degrees but not enough practical identification and general natural history skills. If you are already studying at university you can gain these skills with FSC, putting yourself ahead and also ensuring we keep these abilities and knowledge alive for future generations.

For those looking for jobs in this sector our training opportunities will boost your CV and offer invaluable experience.

How can I pay for this?

The costs for different opportunities do vary, some are heavily subsidised such as Young Darwin Scholarship and Tomorrow’s Biodiversity. We also have some funding available for some of our other opportunities via our Young Environmentalists scheme (see below for details).

More information

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or social media for more information about any of our opportunities for young people.

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Tel: 01743 852100

email: [email protected]


Help with study/career choices, CV or UCAS application

Marine Science Camps 16-25yrs
A choice of locations to focus on marine science for 5 days.

Geology Camps 16/25 yrs
A choice of locations to focus on geology for 5 days

Summer Camps 16-25yrs 
Spend 5 days on biodiversity, conservation, marine science, geology

Young Darwin Scholarship 16-17yrs 
15 scholarships are awarded each year, enjoy an initial residential and ongoing support. 

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential 16-25yrs 
Meet the requirements for DofE, whether you choose outdoor adventure or environment and conservation. (FSC is an Approved Activity Provider for DofE)

FSC trips in partnership with Adventure Under Sail
Amazing land to sea residentials with FSC and Adventure Under Sail offering a fantastic opportunity to join in a journey of discovery at FSC Slapton Ley and aboard The Tall Ship Pelican.

Gain knowledge, transferable skills and experience

Growing Confidence project
The Growing Confidence project helps young people  discover more about wildlife and wild places and have fun learning skills in their local environment.

FSC BioLinks Project subsidised training

FSC Natural History courses 

Higher Education Placements with FSC

Contact the location of your choice to find out about local volunteering opportunities.

Financial Support

Young Environmentalists Fund 


Other Resources

FSC Publications

Biology Fieldwork resources

Geography Fieldwork resources

Research Seminars