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Full-Day Activities:

  • Canoeing Expedition
    Canoeing Expedition

    Children will prepare the equipment and canoes, before heading off for a full day’s journey through some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside. They will play games, observe wildlife and build bonds with each other during this thrilling adventure.

  • Hiking

    A great day out in the hills and mountains enjoying nature and the breath-taking views.

  • John Muir Introduction
    John Muir Introduction

    This module introduces the award to children and forms a basis on which to progress through the award. Each child should be challenged in their thinking and taking part in the award will develop an understanding of, and responsibility for, a chosen wild place or places. If you would like to continue with the award we can tailor the rest of your programme to be John Muir specific, through the Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share aspects.

  • Rock Climbing
    Rock Climbing

    A chance to experience rock climbing on a natural rock face, gaining a real sense of mountaineering risk and adventure. Skills in balance, technique and control will be developed through ground based games and bouldering before moving onwards and upwards to practice these skills on the rock face.

  • Think like a Scientist
    Think like a Scientist

    Through a series of hands-on, outdoor experiments and activities, children will explore scientific ideas and what it means to work scientifically. They will invent, discover, trial and test, while learning how to think like a scientist and work in team. They will explore the natural world, looking for evidence that refutes or supports their ideas, and discover some ideas from famous naturalists and scientists.

  • Tree-mendous

    Children will discover forests, woodlands and meadows on a sensory level as well as through games and investigations, looking for the clues that make trees and plants special. They will see the fascinating features of plants and find out what plants need to survive and how plants work.

Half-Day Activities

  • Abseiling

    in this adrenaline filled activity children will lean back over a rock face to let the ropes take their weight, conquering their fear before enjoying the decent down.

  • Bouldering

    Children will learn some low level rock climbing moves and use them to journey along a spectacular coastline. This is a very popular, fun, physical challenge activity that requires collaboration and communication between all children. Helmets and full safety briefing are provided.

  • Canoeing Champions
    Canoeing Champions

    An inspiring introduction to the sport of canoeing, including games and competitions designed to engage and enthuse. Working together, children prepare, launch and manoeuvre open boats within a natural water environment, while also taking opportunities to observe the wildlife and landscape.

  • Coasteering

    Children will step outside their comfort zones as they journey along spectacular coastlines, scrambling and swimming over rocks and rugged remote shorelines. On their adventure they will be captivated by the local geology, myths and come face-to-face with the plants and animals of this unique habitat.

  • Compass Orienteering
    Compass Orienteering

    Using key orienteering skills to explore inspirational landscapes, children will quickly and accurately navigate their teams through challenges and problems – mistakes cost time! Developing map reading, orientation and compass abilities, they will gain confidence in finding their way through unfamiliar terrain.

  • Curious Coastal Creatures
    Curious Coastal Creatures

    Children will delve into the fascinating world of the seashore and enjoy active enquiry games to consider the adaptations and lifecycles of the animals they find in this unique habitat. Can you find the one-footed vegetarian with a hard hat? Or perhaps the “flowers” of the sea with stinging tentacles? 

  • Digital Stories
    Digital Stories

    Children will use technology to share creative ideas, stories and feelings relating to the landscape. Their unique perspectives can be captured in a multitude of media, allowing each child to journey into expressive and vibrant areas of art, meaning and language.

  • Disappearing Animals
    Disappearing Animals

    Discover the world of wildlife hidden within the landscape; warrens, burrows, nests and hollows all hide signs of the animals that live there. Children will use all their senses to explore the busy world of wildlife that crawls, flies, walks and hops throughout the countryside. There may be opportunities to use IT to detect bats at dusk, as well as live trapping and observation of small mammals.

  • Eco-action

    Children will take part in exciting sensory games and activities to help build a bond with the natural landscape. They will participate in some active conservation or habitat management, such as bird box building or pond restoration. Children will consider human impacts on the environment and sustainability.

  • Exploring Place
    Exploring Place

    Children will build their spatial and locational knowledge creatively exploring the distinctive landscape and settlements surrounding the centre. They will use innovative ways to answer their own geographical questions, such as: What makes this place special? How is it connected to my place? Why is it like this? Locations explored could be coastal tourist areas, Olympic Park, World Heritage sites etc.

  • Geo-journey

    On an expedition through the local landscape, children will challenge themselves to uncover the mysteries of our countryside. They will employ cutting edge digital technologies and apply their geographical knowledge to a series of exciting activities which will deepen their curiosity and understanding of the natural world.

  • Ghyll Scrambling
    Ghyll Scrambling

    Children will step outside their comfort zones as they journey upstream and experience the flow of an impressive mountain river as it cuts its path through the wild environment.  They will work together to scramble up the sides of waterfalls and jump into plunge pools. Journeying up the river they will encounter the unique habitat and wildlife of the gorge.

  • Hidden Histories
    Hidden Histories

    Uncover fascinating local histories through hands-on enquiry. Active participation and immersive activities guide children through our ancient past hidden within our modern landscapes. Iron-Age hill forts, medieval timber-framed buildings, Roman remains, castles and watermills provide the settings which reveal the secrets of our past.

  • High Ropes Challenges
    High Ropes Challenges

    Children will be given the chance to experience fun, outdoor challenges at height in a safe environment, they will push themselves out of their comfort zones and face personal challenges. They will take part in activities such as the leap of faith, abseil tree and zip wire.

  • Hiking

    A great day out in the hills and mountains enjoying nature and the breath-taking views.

  • Literacy Through Landscapes
    Literacy Through Landscapes

    The outdoor landscape will provide the inspiration and focus to stimulate children’s creative thinking, enabling them to build and improve their literacy skills. By exploring poetry and stories, then using a combination of tactile and visual experiences in a local landscape, children will create characters, develop plots and generate ideas to form a story of their own.

  • Low Ropes Challenges
    Low Ropes Challenges

    These low rope challenges are the perfect setting for children to develop flexibility, strength, control and balance in an exhilarating outdoor environment. Balance beams, rope bridges and scramble nets allow the whole group to keep active and try different ways to conquer the challenge.

  • Maps and Geometry
    Maps and Geometry

    Activities introducing the geometry of the Earth and basic mapping techniques will outline the science of map making.  Children will use IT and a range of different maps, to explore spatial dimensions, angles, shapes and distances, while relating these concepts to the landscape surrounding them, for example within relief, contours and scales. They construct 2D and 3D maps, to different scales and find out which maps are most useful in different situations, as well as considering the history of map making.

  • Nature’s Numbers
    Nature’s Numbers

    Children will become maths detectives, discovering the numbers and patterns hidden in nature. They will take part in mathematical games, finding patterns in snail shells, symmetry in leaves, angles in trees and fractions within animal populations. This session will use the environment to inspire children, improving their mathematical literacy and problem solving skills.

  • Raft Building
    Raft Building

    This is a wet, challenging and fun activity to increase teamwork and communication skills. Children will consider buoyancy, stability and steering when designing and building a raft to launch onto our wild lakes or rivers. Aboard the raft, with others, they will take-up their paddles and work together to face races, wet games and time trials.

  • River and Life Everywhere
    River and Life Everywhere

    Using a variety of engaging activities, children will discover the physical geography and river processes, which have formed this distinctive habitat. Working scientifically to gather data children will ask questions to build a picture of the river and the life that surrounds it. They will journey beside and within the watery world, discovering the plants and animals that make rivers and streams their homes.

  • Sailing

    By listening and watching practical demonstrations, children will learn the names of parts of a boat; how to rig, launch and steer their craft.

    They will need to work together and will be encouraged to take turns at the different roles required whilst on board i.e. helming or crewing. The success of their partnership will become apparent in the face the challenges such as time trials, races and wet capsize!

  • Science Rocks
    Science Rocks

    Children will immerse themselves in the impressive rocky outcrops and cliff habitats to become rock detectives, uncovering the secret stories and origins of creatures, rocks, fossils and minerals. This hands-on adventure clambering session, will provide inspiration for scientific questions such as: Why does this live here? Why are the textures different?

  • Sea Level Traverse
    Sea Level Traverse

    Children will be provided with an opportunity to scramble along around and over rocky obstacles at the foot of cliffs, hunt for fossils and look for crabs.

  • Secret Ponds
    Secret Ponds

    Delve into the unseen watery depths to discover the life teeming beneath the surface. Children will explore pond margins for signs of life and investigate the life support systems behind the abundance of pond invertebrates hidden from everyday view.

  • Sit-on Kayaking
    Sit-on Kayaking

    Explore with experienced instructors, taking in the scenery and wildlife from our sit-on kayaks. There are two options available: single seaters for the more confident user and tandem kayaks for those who wish to share a kayak.

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
    Stand Up Paddleboarding

    Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Tuition Sessions offer the chance for children to get up and going under the supervision of an expert guide, with the main aim of having fun!  The guide will show all the basic SUP techniques needed to get them started before they head off on their adventure. Experience the natural world, up close and from a different perspective.

  • Surfing

    Children can play in the waves, leanring to surf. They will be provided with warm wetsuits, wetsuit gloves, booties and hoods to make sure their hands, toes and heads are warm whatever the time of year. The surfboards are ideal for learners and improvers alike.

  • Team Challenges
    Team Challenges

    An exciting and challenging introduction to the concepts of working well together, using a wide variety of fun activities and puzzles designed to encourage problem solving and teamwork.

  • Wilderness Bushcraft
    Wilderness Bushcraft

    Venturing into inspirational local habitats, children will engage in fun, hands-on activities to encourage them to reconnect with nature and thrive in the natural environment. Exciting activities and the wild outdoors provides the back drop for the exploration of camouflage, foraging, tracking, shelter building skills and making useful items from natural materials.

Evening Activities

  • Green Artist
    Green Artist

    Great environmental artists will be introduced to the children who will then have the opportunity to blend together different artistic materials and media to create 2D and 3D outdoor nature art. Children will use the outdoor environment as inspiration and resource to explore their relationship to the natural world.

  • Music, Stories and Camp-fires
    Music, Stories and Camp-fires

    Huddle together around the fire, for an evening of entertainment, stories and music. Tell your own story, make your own drum or just sit back and relax with a hot chocolate and enjoy the fire.

  • Night Walk
    Night Walk

    Children will use their senses to explore the inspiring dusk environment, engaging in activities underneath big open skies. Working together, sharing an exploratory journey they will discover the wildlife that inhabits our nocturnal world.

  • Orienteering Puzzles
    Orienteering Puzzles

    An action packed introduction to orienteering and maps. Children will complete a series of games designed to progressively develop their spatial and kinaesthetic skills while in the natural environment.

  • Star Gazing
    Star Gazing

    Children will discover the cosmic night sky away from the busyness and brightness of normal life. Viewing the night sky without any light pollution, they will find out more about the moon, stars and planets of the solar system. They will use a range of astronomical equipment to explore the constellations and the myths and legends around the oldest features the solar system has to offer.

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