FSC has reduced its own carbon emissions by 34 per cent since 2011 which is the equivalent of 389 tonnes of carbon dioxide or driving one of our mini buses around the world 51 times.

We declared our own climate emergency on Thursday 4th July 2019 and committed to further reduce our carbon usage in line with ambitious targets.

Switching to greener, off-grid sources of energy has been key to our success in reducing our carbon footprint. Efforts have also focused on building infrastructure and managing heat loss at centres, replacing our vehicle fleet with more energy efficient cars and reducing travel time for staff.

2015 Carbon Trust Accreditation
2015 ESOS Phase 1 Compliance
2016 EAUC Green Gown Awards Winner
2016 Green Apple Award Winner
2017 Green World Ambassador
2017 Carbon Trust Standards Re-Accreditation

“It’s clear that environmental sustainability should be at the top of the Government’s agenda when it comes to prioritising spending. Supporting environmental education, sustainable development, cleaner industry and a movement towards a low-carbon economy is absolutely essential.”

Mark Castle, FSC CEO

We source our energy from Ecotricity, one of the UK’s greenest energy suppliers and are a part of their ‘Green Team’.

Food for Life graphic showing that our food is sustainable, that we can trace our meat back to the farm and that our menus use seasonal ingredients.

The following FSC centres have been awarded the Food for Life Served Here Bronze Award:

FSC Blencathra, FSC Castle Head, FSC Dale Fort, FSC Flatford Mill, FSC Juniper Hall, FSC Kindrogan, FSC Malham Tarn, FSC Margam, FSC Millport, FSC Nettlecombe Court, FSC Orielton, FSC Preston Montford, FSC Rhyd-y-creuau and FSC Slapton Ley.

The award recognises organisations which go the extra mile to make sure children are receiving healthy, nutritious and sustainable meals.

Green Fund

Each year FSC centres are able to choose and run projects which improve the charities environmental sustainability. Most projects improve our carbon emissions but it also allows our staff to make a difference.

From electric bikes and recylcing signage at FSC Slapton to a drinks water fountain at FSC Castle Head and a wellbeing walkway and hedgehog highway at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau and a host of other initiatives at other FSC centers, staff have been getting involved and coming up with ideas to help us be more sustainable and mindful of our carbon footprint.

  • Maya on the electric bike at FSC Slapton
  • Recycling signs at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau
  • Wellbeing walkway being built at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau
  • Wellbeing walkway being built at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau
  • Hedgehog Highway at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau
  • Informative hedgehog sign at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau
  • Sustainability board at FSC Malham Tarn
  • Sustainability board at FSC Malham Tarn