• Small Group Courses

    These courses provide an opportunity for schools with low student numbers or home schooled students to carry out the necessary fieldwork for their qualification. GCSE 1 Day Rivers at Epping Forest Urban regeneration at London Urban Sites GCSE Geography students conducting river fieldwork in Cardingmill Valley A… Read More

  • GCSE Urban Regeneration (Small Group Course)

    Students will investigate economic, social and environmental factors driving urban renewal. The course will compare two regeneration projects and compare the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches. They will also consider the positive and negative multipliers of investment on the surrounding area. Small Group or Individual… Read More

  • GCSE Rivers (Small Group Course)

    Students will carry out fieldwork to investigate how and why drainage basin and channel characteristics influence flood risk for people and property along the river. A qualitative fieldwork method to collect data on factors that may influence flood risk e.g. annotated photographs, field sketches or flood risk assessment. Read More

  • A Level Changing Places (Small Group Course)

    Investigate a local settlement and undertake quantitative and qualitative fieldwork methods to gain a sense of place. Students will investigate how the place is changing over time and into the future as well as agents of change. Small Group or Individual Student Days are designed to bring together… Read More

  • A Level Enhanced Fieldwork Techniques PAG3 (Small Group Course)

    Students will be introduced to practical fieldwork and will have the opportunity to practice a variety of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork sampling techniques for estimating the abundance and distribution of plant and animal species. Fieldwork will cover random, systematic and stratified sampling. The course will also allow students… Read More

  • A Level Ecosystems and Practical Skills at Preston Montford (Small Group Course)

    This course provides an opportunity for schools with low student numbers to undertake fieldwork for their required practicals for A Level Biology. Overall learning objectives for the course: Provide experience of planning ecological investigations in a variety of habitats. Provide experience of recording biological and environmental variables, and to… Read More

  • A Level Environmental Science at Preston Montford (Small Group Course)

    This course provides an opportunity for school with low student numbers to join together. This 4-day fieldwork course offers the opportunity for students to tackle different fieldwork enquiries across a range of dynamic habitats. Students will gain first-hand experience of all the required sampling techniques (ST) and gain in-depth… Read More