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Fold-out charts

Full-colour laminated charts designed for use outside. Over 70 titles in the series. Clear colour illustrations help you make a positive identification quickly. Small enough to take into the field - charts fold to B5 size (approx. 24 x 18 cm). Splash-proof and wipe clean.

CHART OF THE MONTH July 2016 Summer coastal birds REDUCED TO £2.50

Not sure where to start? We've gathered together our most popular charts into our new Wildlife Packs. Find our more about FSC Wildlife Packs.


Guide to wetland birds

Owls and owl pellets

Top 50 garden birds

British birds of prey

Guide to summer coastal birds

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish

Reptiles and amphibians

A guide to British Bats

Mammal tracks and signs

Keeping frog tadpoles

Guide to British freshwater fishes

A guide to animals on Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act

Guide to the UK cetaceans and seals

Land mammals of Britain


Describing flowers

Plants common on sand dunes

Moorland Plants

Woodland plants

Saltmarsh plants of Britain

Tree name trail

Commoner water plants

Fruits and seed dispersal

Guide to grassland plants 1

Guide to grassland plants 2 (chalk and limestone)

Key to common ferns

Playing field plants

Gardening for primary schools

Guide to orchids


Guide to floodplain meadows

Sphagnum mosses in bogs

Guide to mosses and liverworts of towns and gardens

Guide to mosses and liverworts of woodlands

Guide to foraging: top 25 edible plants

Plant identification for Phase 1 habitat survey

Guide to ancient woodland indicator plants

Lichens, algae and fungi

Common seaweeds

Fungi Name Trail: Identification Guide

Lichens on twigs

Churchyard lichens

Urban lichens 1 (on trees and wood)

Urban lichens 2 (on stone and soil)

Lichens of heaths and moors

Rocky shore lichens

Guide to using a lichen based index to nitrogen air quality


Woodland name trail (mini beasts)

Freshwater name trail

Butterflies of Britain: British butterfly Identification Guide

British grasshoppers and allied insects

Dragonflies and damselflies of Britain

Rocky shore name trail

Rocky shore name trail (fully encapsulated)

Caterpillars of butterflies of Britain and Ireland: Identification Guide

House and garden spiders

Bugs on bushes

The woodlouse name trail

Shieldbugs of the British Isles

A guide to plant galls in Britain

Guide to ladybirds of the British Isles

Day-flying moths: Identification Guide

Guide to bees of Britain

Hawkmoths of the British Isles: Identification Guide


Guide to insects of the British Isles

Ladybird larvae

Common seashells

Garden bugs and beasties

Habitats, regional and earth

Cloud name trail

Exploring colour in the environment


Guide to common minerals

A guide to common fossils

Features of the Pennine Way

Features of the Shropshire Hills

A guide to hedgerows

Guide to the night sky

Features of the South Downs Way


Features of the Serpent Trail

Meres and Mosses

FSC cake chart

Guide to chalk rivers of England

Guide to wildlife of burial grounds

Guide to Shapwick Heath