ISBN Number
  • WCA survey pack

    WCA Survey pack


    How valuable is your woodland for wildlife? The WCA Survey pack contains everything you need to complete the Woodland Condition Assessment.

  • centipedes atlas

    Centipedes atlas


    The Centipedes Atlas covers all 55 species, including those species only occurring in heated greenhouses and other buildings. Geographic coverage extends to all of Great Britain and Ireland, plus the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

  • ladybird atlas

    Ladybirds atlas


    The Ladybirds atlas covers all of Britain and Ireland, including Isle of Man and Channel Isles. In total this atlas presents 136, 224 records for 47 species of coccinellids.

  • histeridae and siliphidae atlas

    Histeridae and Silphidae atlas


    Covering 75 species in 3 families: Histeridae, Sphaeritidae and Silphidae. Not just an atlas, but also a new identification guide.

  • dragonfly atlas

    Dragonflies atlas


    The BRC Dragonflies atlas is full colour hardback book that maps the distribution of damselflies and dragonflies throughout Britain and Ireland.

  • water beetles atlas 1

    Predaceous water beetles atlas


    This atlas concerns the predaceous water beetles, or Hydradephaga – the whirligig beetles, crawling water beetles, burrowing water beetles and the diving beetles.

  • water beetles atlas 2

    Hydrophiloid beetles atlas


    This atlas covers 104 species in the families Helophoridae, Georissidae, Hydrochidae, Spercheidae and Hydrophilidae. It draws on around 149,000 records from across Britain and Ireland.

  • fleas atlas

    Fleas atlas


    The BRC Fleas atlas covers all of Great Britain and Ireland, including the Channel Isles and Isle of Man. In total this atlas presents over 25,000 records of fleas.

  • woodlice atlas

    Woodlice and waterlice atlas


    The Woodlice and waterlice atlas covers all of Britain and Ireland. 4 species of waterlice and 40 species of woodlice occur outdoors, with another 12 in greenhouses.

  • grasses

    Grasses AIDGAP


    Grasses AIDGAP is a vegetative key to 90 of the most common species in the UK. It's especially useful for habitat surveyors who need to identify diagnostic grass species when flowers are not present.

  • winter trees

    Winter trees AIDGAP


    FSC Winter trees AIDGAP is a photographic guide to 36 of the common broad-leaved deciduous trees that are most likely to be found in Britain and Ireland.

  • Plant galls

    Plant galls AIDGAP


    Plant galls AIDGAP (3rd edition) contains around 300 keys to galls on plants in Britain.

  • Trees in winter

    Trees in winter AIDGAP


    FSC Trees in winter AIDGAP is an identification guide to over 70 species of deciduous trees and shrubs in winter. It's illustrated with line drawings throughout.

  • earthworms aidgap

    Earthworms AIDGAP


    FSC Earthworms AIDGAP covers all earthworm species found living freely in the UK and Ireland. This 2nd edition also includes a key to glasshouse earthworms.

  • Adult caddis

    Adult caddis AIDGAP


    A photo-based guide using the visual appearance of the whole insect for identification. For naturalists and enthusiasts, including moth trappers.