ISBN Number
  • Freshwater snails

    Freshwater snails AIDGAP


    An identification guide to over 50 species of freshwater snails in Britain and Ireland. It covers all gastropod molluscs found in still and flowing fresh water.

  • Sphagum mosses AIDGAP front cover

    Sphagnum mosses AIDGAP


    An accessible field key for the identification of all 36 species of Sphagnum mosses in the UK and Ireland. Sphagnum mosses are a familiar part of the vegetation in many wet habitats, including woods, moors and heaths.

  • Grasses AIDGAP


    A guide to grass identification using vegetative characters. It is especially aimed at habitat surveyors who need a practical field guide to identifying diagnostic grass species when flowers are not present.

  • Blow flies


    The Blow flies RES Handbook is an identification guide to the British species of three families: the Calliphoridae, Polleniidae and Rhiniidae, collectively known as the blow flies.

  • Histeridae and Silphidae atlas


    Covering 75 species in 3 families: Histeridae, Sphaeritidae and Silphidae. Not just an atlas, but also a new identification guide.

  • Ladybirds atlas


    BRC Ladybirds atlas describes the distribution of ladybirds in Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. SP3

  • terrestrial invertebrates aidgap

    Terrestrial invertebrates AIDGAP


    FSC Terrestrial invertebrates AIDGAP is an identification guide to the larger (>2mm length) invertebrates found on land throughout Britain and Ireland. OP167

  • Freshwater invertebrates AIDGAP


    FSC Freshwater invertebrates AIDGAP is an identification guide to the invertebrates found in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers in Britain and Ireland. 181

  • marine invertebrates aidgap

    Marine invertebrates AIDGAP


    FSC Marine invertebrates AIDGAP is an identification guide to the invertebrates encountered in marine habitats around Great Britain and Ireland. SBF62

  • Beetles AIDGAP


    FSC Beetles AIDGAP is an identification guide taking covers adults of British beetles (Coleoptera and Strepsiptera) to family level. 166

  • bugs aidgap

    Bugs AIDGAP


    FSC Bugs AIDGAP covers the adults of most bugs (Hemiptera) in Britain to family level. Designed for use with unprepared specimens at low magnification. 269

  • adult caddis aidgap

    Caddis adults AIDGAP


    FSC Caddis adults AIDGAP is presented in the fold-out guide format. With colour photographs of a representative species from each family. OP129

  • caddis larvae aidgap

    Caddis larvae AIDGAP


    Caddis larvae AIDGAP covers all caddis larvae in Britain and Ireland. It takes identification to species level for living specimens in the field. OP105

  • Centipedes AIDGAP


    FSC Centipedes AIDGAP is an identification guide to all 57 species of centipede in Britain.The guide includes 7 species that only occur in greenhouses. OP130

  • crabs aidgap

    Crabs AIDGAP


    FSC Crabs AIDGAP is an identification guide to all of the crabs likely to be found in British coastal waters. Intended for use with living specimens. 155