ISBN Number
  • winter trees aidgap

    Winter trees AIDGAP


    FSC Winter trees AIDGAP is a photographic guide to 36 of the common broad-leaved deciduous trees that are most likely to be found in the UK.

  • Freshwater snails AIDGAP


    FSC Freshwater snails AIDGAP is an identification guide to over 50 species in Britain and Ireland, covering all gastropod molluscs found in still and flowing fresh water.

  • Grasses

    Grasses AIDGAP


    FSC Grasses AIDGAP is a vegetative key to 90 of the most common species in the UK. It's especially useful for habitat surveyors who need to identify diagnostic grass species when flowers are not present.

  • Sphagum mosses AIDGAP front cover

    Sphagnum mosses AIDGAP


    FSC Sphagnum mosses AIDGAP is an accessible field key to all 36 species in the UK and Ireland. Sphagnum mosses are a familiar part of the vegetation in many wet habitats, including woods, moors and heaths.

  • Centipedes

    Centipedes AIDGAP


    FSC Centipedes AIDGAP is an identification guide to all 57 species of centipede in Britain.The guide includes 7 species that only occur in greenhouses.

  • earthworms aidgap

    Earthworms AIDGAP


    FSC Earthworms AIDGAP covers all earthworm species found living freely in the UK and Ireland. This 2nd edition also includes a key to glasshouse earthworms.

  • seed and leaf beetles aidgap

    Seed and leaf beetles AIDGAP


    FSC Seed and leaf beetles AIDGAP is an identification guide to adults of all 283 species of seed and leaf beetle in Britain and Ireland.

  • Land snails

    Land snails AIDGAP


    FSC Land snails AIDGAP is an identification guide to all 100 free-living terrestrial snails in Britain. Four keys provide different routes to identification.

  • deciduous winter aidgap

    Trees in winter AIDGAP


    FSC Trees in winter AIDGAP is an identification guide to over 70 species of deciduous trees and shrubs in winter. It's lavishly illustrated with line drawings throughout.

  • water plants aidgap

    Water plants AIDGAP


    FSC Water plants AIDGAP is an identification guide to all larger plants found in fresh water, including emergent plants. Now updated to Stace (4th edition).

  • Ferns

    Ferns AIDGAP


    FSC Ferns AIDGAP covers the 59 species of fern, 6 clubmosses, 3 quillworts and 8 horsetails found in the British Isles. Third edition.

  • Diatoms

    Diatoms AIDGAP


    FSC Diatoms AIDGAP covers benthic habitats in rivers in Britain and Ireland. Identification goes to genera, then to species for the commonest diatoms.

  • Blow flies


    The Blow flies RES Handbook is an identification guide to the British species of three families: the Calliphoridae, Polleniidae and Rhiniidae, collectively known as the blow flies.

  • Histeridae and Silphidae atlas


    Covering 75 species in 3 families: Histeridae, Sphaeritidae and Silphidae. Not just an atlas, but also a new identification guide.

  • Ladybirds atlas


    BRC Ladybirds atlas describes the distribution of ladybirds in Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. SP3