Courses and experiences in our natural history, arts, walking, health and wellbeing and opportunities for 16-25 year old sections are given a level to indicate their suitability:


Introductory courses for those new or relatively new to the subject.

Open to all

Courses where tutors are able to support learners at all levels.


Courses aimed at those who want to know more about a subject which they are already familiar with.


Courses for those wishing to hone their skills, which require some prior knowledge or skills in the subject area (though not necessarily the detailed subject matter).

Walking 1

Up to 3 miles of gentle walking on any one day, no special preparation required providing you are used to gentle exercise.

Walking 2

3 to 8 miles of brisker walking on any one day, some hill climbs possible. Some regular exercise before the course is recommended, especially if you do not walk these distances regularly.

Walking 3

8 miles plus of more strenuous walking on any one day, hill climbs likely. Regular exercise before the course is essential to ensure everyone in the group is experienced in covering the distances.

Walking 4

These courses include a range of activities which are suitable for individuals with a reasonable degree of physical fitness. Please contact the centre running the course to discuss the level of fitness required.