By Mary Jones 2nd January 2020

Inspiring everyone to be curious, knowledgeable, passionate and caring about the environment.

This strategy builds upon 75 years of our proud heritage as an environmental education charity. It recognises the catastrophic impact of climate change and biodiversity loss on our environment, people and the planet. This strategy is a response to those challenges.Our credentials for encouraging environmental understanding and closer relationships with nature are recognised and respected by those who share our values and passions. Through this strategy, we seek to do more and reach more.

Our roots remain firmly in education and fieldwork. We seek to build on our existing relationships, developing our value as a partner by increasing our understanding of our customers’ needs and developing the value of what we offer. We will do this through investing in our products, services and infrastructure. We will also build our internal capacity to ensure that we deliver outstanding experiences for those with whom we work.

The urgency of the threat to our environment and its biodiversity means that we must increase our impact. We must reach more people, inspiring them to be more knowledgeable and passionate about the environment. We will enable people to reap the personal benefits of getting outdoors but also make more informed decisions to help protect the environment by reducing their impact on it.To do this we intend to increase the range of opportunities that we offer, to stimulate and encourage engagement with groups and individuals who are currently beyond our sphere of influence.

We also recognise that we must work harder to influence those who make the decisions that affect our future. The climate crisis must be addressed urgently and with 75 years of experience and data behind us we believe that more must be done to incentivise sustainable practices, sustain biodiversity and encourage people to get outdoors. Governments too have the means to drive these changes and although not a traditional campaigning charity, FSC must ensure that our voice is heard and that we act as a champion for those causes that are fundamental to our existence. This is how we will increase our impact and achieve the change that is so urgently required.