By Melanie Cousins 6th February 2020

Castle Minibus are generously providing 1,500 new trees to FSC, which will be planted at FSC Preston Montford in Shropshire over the next three years.

This exciting initiative will see an increase to the woodland at the FSC site and offers an excellent way for Castle Minibus to offset their carbon footprint. It also benefits the community as the planting will engage volunteer support including a local youth group.

The ‘wild wood mix’ that will be planted is made up of species that have been selected to best suit the landscape and wildlife of the Shropshire site. They will be planted in batches of 500 under a phased plan to maximise their success. At the end of the planting FSC will take ownership and sustainably manage the woodland.

There is also an opportunity to grow this initiative at the end of the three years either by providing further trees here or at FSC Blencathra in the Lake District.

Chris Maynard, Managing Director of Castle Minibus commented ‘Whilst we can’t accurately calculate the carbon emissions from the business or the vehicles we rent, lease and sell we can make a contribution to offset our carbon footprint. I am very pleased to be able to fund the planting and maintenance of these 1,500 trees with FSC who will not only oversee the initial planting but the maintenance and growing success of our block in Shropshire.

Mark Bolland, Director of Infrastructure at FSC commented ‘We are very pleased to be receiving this funding from Castle Minibus to help us not only plant more trees but support our work in helping people learn about, protect and enjoy the environment’

Castle Minibus will be sharing more information about their tree planting project as they have it. To learn more about Castle Minibus visit

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