By Mary Jones 15th May 2020

During this difficult time we have been encouraging people to look out and take notice of what is happening around them in nature, something we can often over look when we are busy at work or school, socialising with friends and filling our spare time with hobbies.

This is a stressful time for all of us but taking time to notice what is happening in nature can help us appreciate it, relax and improve our wellbeing.

We have been asking our followers on twitter to share with us what they have found in their garden or local greenspace using #FSCfinds. Each week we will be setting up tasks for people to spot and share, so that we can be reminded that life in nature is still moving forward and that summer is just on the horison.

Week 1

For the first week we asked our folllowers to take photos of buds opening in their gardens or local greenspace. So many people submitted images and our favourites taken by @jolivsey, @drjoscience, @doc_kristy and @beaulieubio are pictured below.

Week 2

This week we asked people to keep an eye out for unfurling leaves. We loved the photo from @doc_kristy of ferns unfurling in the woods or “dinosaur plants” as her daughter calls them! We also loved the photo of the Spirea unfurling from @oradbsec and the final image taken by @Horsemary60.

  • Unfurling plant

Week 3

Next up was insects! To up the game we asked our followers to spot and photograph three insects they have seen when in their garden or on their daily walk. We were sent a range of insect photographs, from ladybirds to moths! Thanks for tagging @drjoscience and @beaulieubio.

  • Ladybird on leaf
  • Ants
  • Spider
  • Bumble Bee
  • Insect
  • Insect
  • Moth
  • Moth

Week 4

Week three was perfect for all the creatives who are enjoying spending time with their pencils and paints. We asked our followers to illustrate the birds they have seen in their garden or green space. Masterpieces sent in by @iamalsoandy, @SedberghGeology and @beaulieubio included a Jay, Siskin, Goldfinch and Western Marsh Harrier. We were even shown some lovely pieces of jewellery created by @heulwendraws.

  • Drawing of a Jay
  • Illustration of a Siskin by @SedberghGeology
  • Finch Booches
  • Finch brooches
  • Illustration of a Western Marsh-Harrier

Week 5

For the final week we asked people to tag is in their photos showing us what unusual plants or flowers they have found. So far we have been tagged in only one image, some lovely Rosy Garlic by @beaulieubio. Use #fscfinds to tag us any interesting plants you have found!

Rosy Garlic growing from a wall

Keep an eye out on our twitter page for upcoming #FSCfinds requests.

Header image also submitted by @oradbsec.