By Melanie Cousins 8th January 2021

With pupils at both primary and secondary age learning from home once again we have pulled together a range of helpful resources to help support teachers.

Since last March we have been creating and delivering high quality digital content for all ages to encourage time outdoors, and cover key elements of the curriculum. We have also been delivering in person on non residential courses and in school grounds when it has been possible.

To help teachers this January and February we have collated free resources to share such as live lessons and sessions from events, plus comprehensive digital courses we have developed ourselves, both for students to undertake and training for teachers. Although these have a small cost attached still, we have waived the additional charge for individual students accessing materials from home during the lockdown.

Our hope is that we can help teachers by providing this content, reduce their prep time and offer different ways to teach their pupils during this time.

girl with clipboard