By Julia Dance 17th September 2021

There are five key ways to connect with nature: Contact, Emotion, Beauty, Meaning, Compassion.

Part 2: Emotion – engage emotionally in nature

Try to find an emotional bond with, and love for, nature. Pause and look at things in nature and notice which emotions they make you feel and then seek out things that bring you joy or wonder or make you feel peaceful.

Watch some animals at play or feeding that bring you joy

Find wonder in how a spiders web is made or the detail in a flower

Find something that makes you feel calm, maybe running or still water

Look at something big that makes you feel awe, like a bird in flight, a cloud or the stars

Freshwater habitat at Bushy Park

Remember, even on days when you can’t get outside, there are lots of places to watch nature live online, such as The Wildlife Trust webcams.

Humans are part of the natural world and connecting with it matters – for our own wellbeing, our understanding and to inspire us to protect nature. Use one of the five key ways to get closer to nature today!

Generation Green wellbeing

We are delighted to share these tips as part of the Generation Green project, using work from the Nature Connectedness Research Group at University of Derby.