By Julia Dance 29th September 2021

There are five key ways to connect with nature: Contact, Emotion, Beauty, Meaning, Compassion.

Part 3: Beauty – use the natural world as inspiration for something creative

One way to spend time appreciating the beauty of nature is to find something in nature that inspires a piece of art, a drawing, poem, a song or dance. Nature is full of interesting and beautiful shapes, patterns, colours and sounds – how does it inspire you to be creative? You could:

Stained glass

Create some wild art using dead sticks, leaves, or flowers

Take a photo of your favourite flower or insect from different angles

Do a painting inspired by the colours of something you saw outside

Recreate movement or sound seen in nature in a dance or song

Nature art

Humans are part of the natural world and connecting with it matters – for our own wellbeing, our understanding and to inspire us to protect nature.

Use one of the five key ways to get closer to nature today!

Generation Green wellbeing

We are delighted to share these tips as part of the Generation Green project, using work from the Nature Connectedness Research Group at University of Derby.