By Julia Dance 17th November 2021

There are five key ways to connect with nature: Contact, Emotion, Beauty, Meaning, Compassion.

Part 5: Compassion– help to take care of nature

Get involved in taking some action that helps nature to thrive or protects it. There are lots of small and big ways we can all make a difference.

Take litter home

Sow some wildflowers in a pot or patch of garden for pollinators to enjoy.

Take part in a beach or park clean near you.

Stick to paths when walking in fields or woods to leave the rest of the space wild for the plants and animals living there.

Take your litter home and maybe even recycle it into something else useful, like a bee drinking station or flower pot.

Humans are part of the natural world and connecting with it matters – for our own wellbeing, our understanding and to inspire us to protect nature.

Use of the five key ways to get closer to nature today!

Generation Green wellbeing

We are delighted to share these tips as part of the Generation Green project, using work from the Nature Connectedness Research Group at University of Derby.