By Anna Lewis 29th June 2022

A Fun Addition to Our Summer Shop

At Field Studies Council we are always looking for bright fun and impactful ways to engage people with nature. In Publications this month our newest venture has been inspired by the vibrant illustrations from our recent guide: Jellyfish and their Allies.

This colourful addition was created by Bek Trehern, while undertaking her placement as an intern for the Eco Skills team when commencing her role as Training and Engagement Assistant.

With this guide as our inspiration, we are so pleased to add a Jellyfish t-shirt to our shop, which tick all vegan, eco-friendly, organic and fair trade boxes!

We are currently offering our first charity t-shirt and guide as an introductory bundle for £20

When you take a good look at the drawings featured in the guide you can’t help but be drawn to the ethereal creatures, They seem a little like aliens from another world, but why have they evolved like this and what are all these different jelly forms called?

I asked Bek to tell us a little background about the jellies, and the making of the guide:

“I’ve always had a love of anything marine! I was extremely lucky to spend many of my childhood summers growing up, on holiday in Cornwall, surrounded by beautiful, sweeping coastlines where I could swim in the sea, rock pool with my sister or just explore the world around me. I’ve then been even more fortunate to live in some incredibly diverse marine areas such as the Bahamas and Australia.

When the time came for me to design my own guide on my interests, it was a no-brainer, I knew I had to do something marine focused! I still find it crazy that we know more about space than we do our oceans and that just 5% of the Earth’s oceans have been explored and charted, even though an estimated 80% of all life on Earth is found under its surface!

Jellyfish and their allies are an incredibly misunderstood and diverse group. Many of us have probably seen jellies washed up on the shore, or the anemone blobs in rockpools, but most people don’t dive a little deeper (pun 100% intended). I hope that through this guide people will see that you don’t need to go somewhere tropical to see beautiful species of jellyfish, anemone, or coral; they are in fact right on our doorstep!”

We are planning to continue to broaden the range and hope to bring you new bright colourful t-shirts you can wear as support our charity to deliver environmental education to as many people as possible.