By Melanie Cousins 21st December 2022

One of the great treats in my job is reading the feedback from schools who have just enjoyed their field course. It seems to light a fire within them and excite and inspire them. Here are some recent highlights: 

There were countless times in which the students had ‘lightbulb’ moments. Studying coastal erosion, the students were in awe of the interplay between earth’s natural forces and us”. 

Concepts that seem straightforward to people with experience are so abstract to students from an urban environment. Our students often fail to understand the terms “woodland” or “hay” during lessons, due to lack of exposure to countryside environments. The cultural capital we gain from field trips is immense”. 

We know that young people benefit from their time with us. And we also know that many miss out as the courses are unaffordable for them.  

Since the 1980s, the Field Studies Council has found funding from likeminded donors, charitable trusts, and its own staff fundraising to help more young people take part. And in autumn 2022, we once again reached out and offered support to 43 schools for over 1,500 students to come to Field Studies Council.  

We would like to help more. Over 170 schools asked for support, but we were only able to help a quarter of them.  

Group of school children on a field trip. They are standing in a river looking for wildlife while listening to their teacher.

That’s why I’m asking for your help.  

Please introduce us

We’d like to work with more charitable trusts and business wanting to help the natural environment. This relies on introductions to trustees and owners. Please can you help our charity by introducing the Field Studies Council to your friends and colleagues?  

Please contact me at [email protected]  

Please donate 

Every penny counts. If you feel able, please donate to help school children access the outdoor education they need to develop life skills. Donating online is easy and trusted by our supporters.  

Please visit our Donations page or post a cheque to Field Studies Council Head Office, Preston Montford, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 1HW 

Jennie Comerford, Field Studies Council National Grants Officer