Help us inspire young people to understand and experience the natural world.

For as little as £3 per month you can join FSC and help us provide financial support for young people to take part in an FSC experience through FSC Kids Fund, Bursary Fund, Young Darwin Scholarship or other similar initiatives.

As an FSC member you will help us inspire young people and:

  • All of your membership subscription will provide direct support for young people
  • We will invite you to special events which are organised for FSC Members 
  • You will have access to an exclusive Member’s Preview of the individuals and families programme of courses at FSC Centres

How will your Membership help us support young people?

  • FSC Kids Fund provides financial support for groups of disadvantaged young people from schools, youth or community groups who would like to visit one of our centres for an FSC experience.
  • FSC Bursaries are awarded to students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to join their class on an FSC curriculum course. 
  • The Young Darwin Scholarship provides encouragement and long term support for young people who are passionate about the natural world – the next Charles Darwin.

How to join

JOIN NOW and help others be inspired by nature.

FSC membership is only £36 a year  – this can provide support for two young people to benefit from a day course at an FSC Centre. If three people join then one young person can enjoy a two night residential.

To join you can print and return a Membership Application Form

Or contact us on 01743 852104.