Project dates: 2018-2022
Funder: National Lottery Heritage Fund

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Consultation Phase

A public and sector consultation was undertaken during the development phase of the project (funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund) and involved:

  • 326 individual responses to the FSC BioLinks online survey
  • 11 public consultation workshops attended by a total of 85 participants
  • 56 stakeholder consultations, involving 85 different individuals
  • 49 responses from site managers to the FSC BioLinks site manager survey
  • Read the FSC BioLinks Consultation Report (Jan 2017)

The project will look for opportunities to bring biodiversity training to both South East England and the West Midlands, filling gaps in current provision and adding value to existing schemes by working as a partner with other biodiversity organisations (such as Local Environmental Records Centres, national and local recording schemes and natural history societies).

Read the FSC BioLinks Development Plan For Training Provision (Jan 2018) which has details on how the project aims to bring a comprehensive and detailed structure to the invertebrate groups that will be focused on.

The project application was submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund in February 2017 and confirmation of funding was received in July 2017.