Students will carry out fieldwork to investigate how and why drainage basin and channel characteristics influence flood risk for people and property along the river.

A qualitative fieldwork method to collect data on factors that may influence flood risk e.g. annotated photographs, field sketches or flood risk assessment. A quantitative fieldwork method to investigate drainage basin characteristics including gradient profile and run off rates. Secondary data courses will be provided on land cover, hydrogeology and flood risk for the river catchment. Students will have an opportunity to develop a question(s) based on their location and the task.

Small Group or Individual Student Days are designed to bring together individual students, home schooled students, schools with small class sizes, or students that were unable to attend a residential or alternative trip. By bringing groups together we aim to keep the overall costs lower, and you do not incur our minimum daily fee.

These courses are for groups of 9 or less students from any one school. If a students is not accompanied by a responsible adult, their parent/carer must have a completed and returned an Unaccompanied Young People form to us, available in our Customer Information

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Example Timetable

This course usually runs from 9.30am – 3.30pm, but times can be adjusted to suit your group and travel plans.

During your visit you will be welcome to the centre and given an appropriate health and safety briefing.

Your session will start with an introduction to the day, aims and objectives. Throughout the day we will undertake fieldwork, collecting data appropriate to the topic. We will break for lunch, before continuing with our fieldwork. Depending on the day and the specific times of your visit we may include some data presentation and analysis and we will end the day with a summary including drawing conclusions and limitations.

Please note that specific activities for your group are subject to change. We go out in all weathers and seasons and will tailor the content of the day accordingly.

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition

Opportunities to attend this course

  • Mon 04, November 2024 09:30 - 15:30

    This course covers the specification for AQA/Edexel A and OCR

    East of England
    £0 - £45
    Field Studies Council Staff