Throughout the pandemic Field Studies Council has always followed the guidance. Our focus remains making sure that all our visitors and staff are safe and feel safe.

We have a duty of care to our employees and to you, our visitors and maintain a safe working environment for everyone.  

In line with current advice, we are asking everyone at our centres to carry on with routine, daily behaviours outlined below. 

Risk Assessment: FSC Covid-19 Secure for Employees, Customers and Visitors at FSC locations

You can view our Risk Assessment here


Respect Others

Some staff and customers may feel anxious as restrictions are lifted.

Distance Aware enables individuals and organisations to politely prompt ongoing distancing and respect of individual social space.

Follow Public Health Advice

Any worker or customer with symptoms

Please do not visit our locations if you or anyone in your group has any of the following symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • New, continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

To keep staff and visitors safe, anyone displaying Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to return home.

If our staff develop symptoms, they will follow the current advice and guidance.

Ensure Good Hygiene

Face Coverings

We ask guests to be aware and respectful and not to challenge those who choose to or who may not wear a face covering.

Good Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.

Follow the “Catch it, bin it, kill it” approach to help control the transmission of all respiratory illnesses.

Keep spaces well ventilated

Good ventilation brings fresh air into indoor spaces will dilute any virus particles in the air.

We ask staff and customers to keep occupied spaces well ventilated. Partially opening windows and/or doors to maintain constant air flow or airing/purging a room (opening the door/windows wider) for a short period every hour (for example when people are on a break) will reduce the risk.

During your stay

We will continue to manage all of our operations according to the current advice.  You may see changes to the way we do things, and should guidance change we have systems in place to respond.

Field Studies Council will have enhanced cleaning protocols in place including regular enhanced cleaning during your stay and deep cleaning between guests.

You can help us by:

  • Signage: Following any signs and markings in place
  • Ventilation: Keeping rooms well ventilated
  • Children on beach
  • Regular Cleaning
  • A level student sampling biology in a pond
  • Tutor teaching fieldwork