The Green Influencer Project is a youth-led environmental social action project delivered by the Field Studies Council in association with the Ernest Cook Trust. It is a fully funded initiative that will provide opportunities for students to make a difference to their local environment, undertaken as an extra-curricular activity or included in the programme of an established club.  

Benefits of the project

  • Green Influencers (young people, 10-14 years) will lead a project of their own design which makes a positive impact on the local environment.
  • They will develop skills in teamwork, project management, budgeting, leadership and will be encouraged to continue engaging in environmental social action projects.
  • Once they have successfully achieved their goal, the Green Influencers will feel a real sense of achievement and be proud that they have made a difference.

The support you will receive

  • One of our Senior Tutors will visit your school, club or organisation to run the project – a former teacher, experienced fieldwork tutor and expert in environmental issues, with an enhanced DBS check.
  • They will offer advice and guidance and bring a wealth of knowledge from one of the UK’s leading environmental education charities – The Field Studies Council.
  • They can fit around your school timetable to best suit you. This could be in an existing extra-curricular session or during a series of lessons, or it could be a newly set-up group. Video calls can also be used if necessitated by circumstances.
  • This is fully funded, so there is no cost to your school. A £360 grant for the group’s initial idea is available, with the option to apply for up to £5000 funding if they want to take their project further, after the initial project has been completed.
  • We just ask that a member of school staff is present during the sessions.

For more information: [email protected] or call 01743 852040.

For more information about the project please click on the link below:

Green Influencers Scheme – The Ernest Cook Trust