Primary Teacher Resources

From 6 to 10 June 2022 we took part in National Fieldwork Week, with the Geographical Association. Download our KS2 teacher resource packs, which can be used anytime of year to investigate change in the high street and change in the school grounds.

Our expert tutors helped primary aged children connect with the outdoors during the lockdowns with the fantastic #PrimaryNatureLive programme. Luckily, we recorded the sessions which are still beneficial! Choose from, ‘What to do on a walk‘, ‘Brilliant birds‘, ‘A peep at ponds‘, ‘Wild skills, shelters and traps‘ and ‘More things to do on a walk‘.

In Spring 2020 we launched and delivered #FieldworkLive, a two-week programme of live fieldwork sessions. #FieldworkLive included a range of primary content and you can find recordings of all the free live lessons here

Primary Activity Sheets

We have a range of fun resources for primary aged children. They are based on activities which can be done in playgrounds, gardens or local green spaces with a focus on geography and science to help them keep connected to nature.

Scavenger Hunt – Find a range of items in your garden or local walk. What will you collect?

Weather – Create your own weather diary and make a note on the changing weather that is happening. Spring is an exciting season which can see anything from snow to sunbathing weather. What will spring 2021 be like?

Maps – Enjoy focusing on a different sense by listening to and mapping the many sounds around you.

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