The focus of your course can be drawn from many aspects of the specification and you can arrange this in discussion with centre staff. It may include:

  • Coastal systems, landscapes and management
  • The Water cycle and associated themes
  • Glacial systems, landscapes and management
  • The Carbon cycle and associated themes
  • Regeneration and Placemaking
  • Contemporary Urban Environments
  • Place Geography
  • Diversity and Inequalities

Delivered by expert tutors with extensive experience of working with AS Level students, the FSC not only offers geography students the chance to fulfill the fieldwork requirements of their AS Level, but they will also build confidence in their ability to apply this to examination scenarios and can reinforce their foundation of conceptual knowledge in inspirational settings. If students are going on to study Geography at A Level, our courses will provide an excellent foundation of enquiry skills and locational contexts for geographical concepts, as a springboard for independent research. All courses are thoroughly designed and planned around the specification of your Awarding Organisation.

  • Complete fieldwork requirements for AS Level students within physical and human environments
  • Within the investigation sequence, skills workshops will enable your students to develop skills examined across the AS Level and apply their learning to fieldwork-based exam scenarios.

Example Timetable

This example timetable for a 3 day AS Level field course features:

  • Two topic focus days (covering 2 to 3 topics) giving geographical and locational context at inspiring sites, local to the centre
  • Each topic focus day is linked to examination requirements and contexts throughout to build students’ confidence
  • A series of skills workshops to prepare students for the AS examination and set a foundation for independent research if students go on to A Level study
  • There is an option to finish the final day at 12.00 if this is preferable, logistically. Course content is adapted accordingly in discussion with centre staff

Day 1

  • Afternoon: Introduction to the centre, welcome into rooms. Geographical Exploration and Enquiry Topic 1 in physical geography e.g. The Water cycle in the landscape
  • Evening: Skills workshop and exam application e.g. Quantitative data skills and statistical analysis
Day 2
  • Morning: Geographical Exploration and Enquiry Topic 2 in a human environment e.g. Regenerating Places
  • Afternoon: Continue topic 2

Day 3

  • Morning: Geographical Exploration and Enquiry Topic 3 in a physical environment e.g. Carbon cycle in the landscape
  • Afternoon: NEA Skills workshop e.g. GIS skills in the NEA
  • Depart centre at 16.00

Please note: To ensure safe and quality learning experiences, the timetables may alter depending on weather conditions and local factors

Added value of this course

Develop skills

  • Communication | Resilience | Independent thinking | Leadership
  • Numeracy | Literacy | Investigative skills | Observation

Enhance Knowledge

  • Ask questions.
  • Apply knowledge in the real world and make links.
  • Make sense of new places and understand our place and role within this.


  • Have fun | Make friendships | Connect with nature

Why Choose Field Studies Council?

  • Expert tuition by fully trained staff

  • Stunning locations across the UK

  • Outstanding curriculum knowledge

  • Rigorous health and safety procedures

  • Support before and after your visit

  • Free places for visiting staff