Ecology, exploring the amazing complexity of life, is often something we study through a lens looking outward at the world.

This webinar puts our ecology in focus, turning the lens around to explore the active hope of our part to play in times of escalating planetary crises.

  • Why is my well-being important for the future of life on Earth?
  • What part does hope play in a world facing climate catastrophe?
  • Where do economics and human values meet with ecology?
  • When is our time to act, and should it be us?

In a time of multiple global crises it’s vital that we connect with others that care enough to take positive action. This interactive and connective webinar offers the opportunity to meet other like-minded young adults that wish to make a positive difference.

Through a blend of online and offline participatory workshops, discussions and activities, we’ll explore our part to play in these challenging times. This is a chance to contextualise our passion for the natural world in the bigger picture of global change and activism.

We’ll dive into the detail of climate science, exploring how human values shape behaviour, why understanding economics is key to ecology, and how hope is often misunderstood as part of taking positive action.

#climatecrisis #activism #commoncausevalues #wellbeing #activehope

This is a unique chance to connect with other young people from all over the UK, and to collaboratively explore areas of ‘ecology for these times’ that are an essential basis for personal and planetary well-being in action.

About the tutor:
Tom is a skilled and experienced self-employed facilitator of workshops, training events, outdoor learning experiences, wilderness journeys and environmental volunteering – all relating to transformative change around environmental and social justice. His work over 17 years in the environmental sector, for the Field Studies Council, WWF and in collaboration with many other environmental organisations and clients, shows a record of impactful positive change. His work and life interests, while diverse, are all aligned with developing positive thinking and action around social and environmental sustainability at all scales.


Webinar Date and Time

Saturday March 5th10am-3.30pm
There will be breaks and off-line elements scheduled in

Bursaries and Subsidies

If you are a Young Darwin Scholar you can book the reduced rate (attendee online) to attend this course

Sorry this course has ended