Beavers once shaped our landscape, but have since been hunted to almost extinction. What does the future look like for beavers in the UK?

Beavers once roamed across our countryside, shaping the landscape and waterways, providing habitat for a huge abundance of fish, birds and insects, but have since been hunted almost to extinction. In this talk, you will learn about their history, what’s being done now to provide suitable habitats to facilitate beaver reintroduction, and what the future looks like for beavers in the UK.

The Beaver Trust and Cornwall Beaver Project help people to relearn how to live alongside beavers and wetlands through talking to communities, setting up networks, and supporting projects across the country with their team of beaver experts.

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Image: David Parkyn


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Example Timetable

The usual format of Natural History Live virtual events is:

  • 5 minute intro by the FSC Biodiversity project team
  • 30-40 minute talk presented by guest speaker
  • 15-25 minute speaker Q&A session hosted by a FSC staff member

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