This beginner fungi course is a starting guide to the skills and knowledge required to begin identifying UK fungi in the field.

Looking at habitat, substrate and how the fungus interacts with its surroundings is an important skill needed when observing fungi in the field.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

    • Understand key morphological features to begin a fungus identification
    • Record useful field notes and use the correct equipment to safely collect fungi
    • Share this knowledge with friends, family, and fellow volunteers

Tutor: Ali McKernan

Ali works in a large primary school in Manchester, and has been teaching fungi and celebrating UK Fungus Day with them for a few years, including log inoculation and growing oyster mushrooms on used coffee grounds. Ali is also a member of the North West Fungus Group and passionate about introducing fungi to the next generation (in fact, anyone at all), recently embracing social media and becoming known as 'The Fungi Guy'. He makes short 'beginner's guides' on YouTube that are fun and accessible by all. Ali has recently written for the Wildlife Trusts children's magazine and through his outreach role hopes to introduce this remarkable kingdom to even more young people!

Sorry this course booking is closed