This course is aimed at those wanting to improve their landscape photography.

Very often when starting out in photography, the image we take with our camera isn’t the same as the image we see with our eyes; or at least it doesn’t reflect the same feelings of awe and beauty we felt when viewing the scene.

In this course you will learn to use the settings and features of your camera to confidently shoot with more artistic intention; for example, the relationship between aperture and shutter speed and how we can use each of these to creative effect; how to ‘meter’ correctly; and why we should pay attention to ‘white balance’.


Tutor: Tom Pinches

Tom has been photographing the landscapes of the South West for five years; he is the judge for Kingsbridge Camera Club’s annual wildlife photography competition and has run workshops on photography, including ‘an introduction to astrophotography’ for Devon’s Local Nature Partnership.

  • Wistman's Wood
  • Venford in Autumn
  • Bench Tor in Autumn
  • Autumn tree in woods
  • Daymark
  • Limpet sunrise
  • Ayrmer Cove

What's Included

Full board accommodation and picnic lunch are for resident bookings only.

Sorry this course booking is closed