Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel this course, we hope you will find an event later in the year that you can attend.

An en plein air Oil Painting Summer School based at the Historic Royal Hospital School in Suffolk. Plein air painting is finding a new lease of life, you will find festivals, celebrating the painting schools started by JW Turner and John Constable in the UK and the artists known as “The Impressionists” in France – Monet, Sisley, Cessanes et al, all over the globe.

Tutor Linda Matthews founded the first 4 day Plein Air Festival in the Norfolk Broads “A Brush with the Broads”. Painting en plein Air is Linda’s passion she considers the great outdoors her studio. During this week she will help you keep your painting kit to a manageable weight, we will be using only the three primary colours, through a warm and cold palette, and working on a 30x24cm or 20 x 20 cm sizes.

We will cover colour mixing, composition, tonal values, use of complementary colours, creating distance in your work and the importance of perspective in all subjects. We will be looking at various inspirations, distance in landscapes, boats on lakes and rivers, buildings and simplifying busy scenes.

Although we are away from the FSC Flatford base we will spend a day painting at the iconic Mill. Linda is not a step by step instructor but her experience allows her to facilitate groups of mixed abilities, the week will include group and one to one demonstrations. Working methods are in the traditional methods of oil painting as she believes you need to know the rules before you break them.

Please note this course is based at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook IP9 2RX

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Tutor: Linda Matthews

Linda Matthews has worked as a full time artist and tutor for 18 years. She is inspired by everything around her, she enjoys sharing the essentials of painting in the studio so you can experience fully the freedom of painting from life - en plein air - out of doors. She works professionally in most media. Her philosophy for painting is ‘Wherever you look there is something to paint. You can never be bored with a pencil, a sketchbook and a paintbox’.

What's Included

Before You Attend

What to Bring

If you are an experienced oil painter you are welcome to bring the palette and kit you would Pigments Windsor Lemon. Yellow Ochre Scarlet Lake Alizarin Crimson Cobalt Blue Phthalo Turquoise. 2 x Titanium White

Painting supports - Plein Air Painters limit the size they use to an easy to carry 30x24cm I suggest 10 30x24cm boards (2 per day) OR 5 30x24cm boards and 5 20x20cm boards. Or Canson Huile paper for which you will need a board to work on. (and tape / clips to fix it) The cheaper boards you use the more paint they absorb, they are not correctly primed and you will end up using more paint than necessary. Jackson Art white primed oil boards are good for working on, you can choose the roughness of the surface you wish to work with.

Brushes I recommend the Rosemary & Co Ivory range, they are handmade in Yorkshire of good quality and easy to keep clean, I use them every day and they last for years if looked after well

  • Size 5 Extra Long Flat.
  • Size 8. Long Flat.
  • Size 1. Pointed Round.
  • Size 5 Pointed Round Hard palette (hand held) - brown or grey Long tear shaped palette knife

Odourless Solvent - Zest it or Sansodor NOT TURPS OR WHITE SPIRIT

Lidded jar or metal sealed tin that will hang from your easel

To be sure to have the correct kit, you may order all the above from Linda for £170.00 up to 14 Days before the start of Summer School

2B Pencil.

.5 fine ink pen & Sketch book

Craft knife or pencil sharpener

Old towelling / fleece rags

Bag for rubbish

Folding seat - Seat bags are very useful as a dual purpose tool

Hat for hot weather

Layered clothing Apron or Painting shirt

Sturdy shoes

Easel if you have one or they can be borrowed from the FSC.

You will have to carry your own kit, we won’t be walking far distances but may have to walk a short distance to find a good view / subject. Paint you  normally use, but please stick with the odourless solvent. We are working with a limited palette so the quality of the paint used is very important to achieve the colour mixes. I recommend Winsor and Newton Artists Oil Paints which give you the true quality of pigments and properties required. The cheaper the paint the more fillers therein, leading to more opaque qualities than wanted. Colour Palette: 37 ml tubes Cool Pigments: Warm

Sorry this course has ended