This intermediate online course will introduce you to writing nature memoir. You will develop understanding of the genre and literary techniques commonly used through a wide range of activities that will guide you in honing your own narrative voice and reflection skills.

The course will provide the opportunity to connect with your fellow learners, sharing your work and benefiting from, as well as implementing and evolving, the skill of constructive feedback. You will be exposed to a wide breadth of nature memoir to inspire you to create your first pieces of nature memoir.


Tutor: Dr Carolyn Drever

Dr Carolyn Drever is a writer and a teacher with a special interest in English and Outdoor Learning. She began teaching creative writing 30 years ago, has taught in universities and schools, and worked on projects with the Field Studies Council, the Wildlife Trusts and EU Erasmus+. She is currently working with Torchlight Heritage for an event which explores the impact of urbanisation on a rural community in the 19th Century. She is especially keen to promote nature writing in urban community venues through the use of their gardens, emphasising that even the smallest of sites can engage and inspire: