The Entoprocts Synopsis covers the phylum Entoprocta. Geographic coverage extends to British and adjacent waters. It includes three families, as follows.

  • Loxosomatidae (36 species).
  • Pedicellinidae (3 species).
  • Barentsiidae (6 species).

Entoprocts are minute, sedentary or sessile, semi-transparent, aquatic animals that encrust surfaces or live in association with other invertebrates. They form a distinctive and individual group of suspension feeders that are both widespread and abundant. The group is perhaps best known for being phylogenetically enigmatic, with no obvious close relatives.

Synopses of the British Fauna is a series of identification guides. Each volume in the series provides a detailed account of a group of animals. They bridge the gap between standard field guides and the more specialised monograph or treatise. Since 1993 the the Field Studies Council has published these guides on behalf of the Linnean Society.

These volumes are suitable for the lab or field. The editors aim to keep them as user friendly as possible. Technical terminology is kept to a minimum and a glossary of terms provided. However the complexity of the subject matter makes the books more suitable for the more experienced practitioner.