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Foraging guide

The FSC Foraging guide is a great guide to take on a walk with children. It covers the top 25 most common and tasty plants that can be found from just outside your front door.

Beautiful colour illustrations and identification table will give you confidence in identifying which species to eat. Also included are some common lookalikes to avoid.

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to go and find your own food for free? Foraging for wild food makes a walk into the most pleasurable and satisfying experience. This fun activity is also a fabulous way of getting children engaged with nature, creating childhood memories filled with picking and eating blackberries.

Foraging for edible plants is possible at any time of the year. The table includes a guide to seasonality. It can be part of a walk or an exploration, with very little equipment. Just take something to collect your finds in, or pick and eat as you go. All these plants are common and easy to find in gardens, parks, hedgerows, waste land, meadows and woods. In fact some are common as garden weeds.