• Garden safari
  • Garden bugs and beasties
  • Ladybirds
  • Butterflies

Garden safari

Fold-out guides wildlife pack

The Garden safari wildlife pack is a presentation pack featuring 5 different fold-out guides. What beasties will you find? The pack also includes a card-sized magnifier to help you get in ever closer to the details.

Garden bugs and beasties

Head into the garden and peer among flowers, grasses and plant pots. You will find an amazing range of little creatures. From shieldbugs to spiders, from froghoppers to flower beetles, this guide features the commonest minibeasts you will find in a garden. Great for young explorers!


The FSC Ladybirds fold-out guide covers the adults of 26 species in Britain and Ireland. Paintings by Chris Shields show the key colours and patterns to look out. Accompanying thumbnail illustrations show actual life size.


The FSC Butterflies guide features all 60 wild butterflies found in Britain and Ireland. It’s designed for speedy butterfly identification in the field, with colour life-size paintings of each butterfly by acclaimed artist Richard Lewington. We have shown both upper wings and under wings, so you can identify butterflies in flight and at rest. Similar looking butterflies are close to each other for easy comparison. Co-created with Butterfly Conservation.


This guide features 40 common species of spiders in buildings and gardens. We have sorted these paintings by habitat, so you can quickly narrow down the choices. Use this guide to hunt for spiders in low bushes and vegetation, in flower heads, on outside walls and fences, in leaf litter and under stones, and even inside buildings.

Park and garden birds

Our newly updated fold-out guide covers the top 50 birds of gardens and parks, including ponds and rivers. Designed for speedy bird identification with living birds in the garden, the guide features beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields.