• Garden safari
  • minibeasts
  • ladybirds guide
  • Butterflies guide
  • spiders guide
  • Park and garden birds

Garden safari

Fold-out guides wildlife pack

The FSC Garden Safari wildlife pack features 5 of the FSC’s popular fold-out guides to help you name what you see.

  • Garden bugs and beasties – what you’ll find lurking in the garden
  • Ladybirds – from the 2-spot to the 24-spot, from the orange ladybird to the harlequin
  • Butterflies – all the species you are likely to see
  • Spiders – the 40 species most likely to be found in buildings or gardens
  • Park and garden birds – the top 50 species seen in gardens

Each pack includes a card-sized magnifier, so you can get in ever closer to the details.