• owl pellets

Owls and owl pellets guide

The FSC Owls and owl pellets guide is two guides in one.

  • A field guide to adult owls.
  • A guide to investigating owl pellets.

It features beautiful colour paintings of the 5 owls living in the wild in Britain and Ireland. Owls are shown both perched and in flight.

Owls are not the only birds which produce pellets. So as well as illustrations and descriptions of the pellets produced by each species of owl, the guide includes how to distinguish pellets produced by other birds (kestrel, sparrowhawk, gull and corvids). There is a systematic identification key to the contents of owl pellets. Within a pellet you might find complete skulls, jaws, teeth and other smaller bones.

Accompanying text on the reverse side covers taxonomy of owls, their adaptations for hunting, food chains and conservation status. Further identification information for each species – body length, wingspan, call, habitat, UK breeding range, main prey and conservation status – is given in a table. Guidance is also included on where pellets can be found and how they can be prepared and dissected.

The FSC Owls and owl pellets guide was produced in partnership with the Hawk and Owl Trust.