Shropshire shieldbugs

Shropshire shieldbugs is an atlas of shieldbugs and allies in Shropshire.

Until very recently, shieldbugs have been little studied in Shropshire. Since 2009, there has been a concerted effort to map their distribution in the county. This effort has resulted in over 3000 new records. These form the basis of this county atlas, along with a number of historical records from a range of sources. Coverage includes both true shieldbugs (Pentatomoidea) and the squashbugs, leatherbugs, spurge bugs and scentless plant bugs (Coreoidea).

Shropshire is a large inland county containing a great deal of habitat diversity within its boundaries. Much of the county is rural. Lowland North Shropshire, with its outstanding Meres and Mosses landscape, contrasts with uplands of the Shropshire Hills in the south. The River Severn, flowing right across the county from west to south-east, is an important ecological corridor for many animals, including shieldbugs.

This atlas is one of a number which examine the distribution of some of Shropshire’s invertebrate groups.