• minibeasts

Woodland name trail

This fold-out chart is designed to enable children (from age 7 upwards) and beginners to identify the invertebrates commonly found in woodland soils and leaf litter. The Fact File gives further information about the invertebrates and introduces food chains and webs.

Need to identify minibeasts in soil and leaf litter? The FSC Woodland name trail fold-out guide has been used by generations of visitors to FSC Field Centres.

The simple flow chart on this guide shows representatives of the main groups found in soil and leaf litter. These include animals with no legs, such as snails, slugs, earthworms, roundworms, insect and larvae. Plus the animals with jointed legs, such as crustaceans, insects, spiders and mites.

As well as making a simple list of minibeasts, the Woodland name trail supports many children’s investigations into food chains and food webs. Identify the animals that you find, and use this information to count the number of producers and consumers. Can you build pyramids of number?