By Mary Jones 26th September 2019

In recent weeks, marine biologists from the FSC Millport Education Team have been featured in a series of podcast episodes that focus on the amazing marine environment of the Clyde and the fieldwork opportunities at FSC Millport. Senior Tutor Jack Lucas and Tutor Christina Sinclair were interviewed in separate podcasts during this year’s summer field season and their respective episodes can be listened to online in the links below.

From plankton to porpoises, gobies to gannets; the odds are Jack and Christina have photographed it, counted it, measured it and talked about it during their time leading field courses at FSC Millport. The Education staff at FSC Millport are passionate about promoting their local wildlife and jump at every opportunity to talk about their island home. Tune in to their respective podcast episodes below to hear more!

Jack Lucas – Senior Tutor

Jack was interviewed by fellow marine mammal scientist Dr Chris Parsons during their annual Marine Mammal field course at Millport in July. Chris is a world-leader in the field of cetacean research and marine conservation and has visited Millport each year for the last two decades to teach alongside other marine mammal experts from Glasgow University and FSC Millport’s Education Team. The episode was part of the Marine Conservation Happy Hour series, where Jack speaks to Chris about the history and legacy of the Millport Marine Station, the current field course provision offered by FSC Millport and the wildlife watching opportunities in the Firth of Clyde. The episode can be streamed from a number of websites, including the link here.

A common Dolphin taken by FSC Tutor Jack Lucas

Dr Dominic McCafferty

As part of the same Marine Conservation Happy Hour podcast series, Dr Chris Parsons also interviewed another member of the Millport marine mammal course teaching staff; Dr Dominic McCafferty from Glasgow University. Dom’s episode featured the annual marine mammal course (now in its 20th year at Millport!), some of our local marine megafauna species including Kylie the now-famous resident dolphin at FSC Millport and some of his work on thermal biology. His episode can be listened to here.

Christina Sinclair

Chrisitna was featured in the Sea Tales podcast series, hosted by marine advocate Amy Parker. Amy is a Sea Champion volunteer for the Marine Conservation Society and engages in marine citizen science across the UK. On her episode of Sea Tales, Christina talked about a selection of the incredible marine species to be found in the Firth of Clyde, her work was a Tutor at FSC Millport and her experiences diving some of the sites around the Clyde. Ranging from tiny subtidal invertebrates hiding on the seafloor to the world’s second largest fish that can be found cruising the waters of the West coast; Christina discusses her favourite sea creatures and why it’s important to protect them. Listen to her episode here.

A curled Octopus in a persons hand