By Mary Jones 7th October 2019

Each day we recognise the importance of cleaning our teeth or having 5 portions of fruit and vegetables but we rarely think of looking after our wellbeing in the same way..

Here are 5 simple evidenced based ways to help look after our wellbeing as published in a UK government sponsored study:

  • Spend time connecting with others around you; for example your family, friends and colleagues.
  • Be physically active in whatever way suits you; walking outdoors for example is a great way to both recharge and get a mental boost.
  • Take notice of what is happening right now; tune in to your surroundings and your senses. In particular notice the little things that make you smile.
  • Keep learning; a new language, skill, instrument or passion.
  • Give generously to others; saying something kind, volunteering or supporting a charity.

There is relatively strong and consistent evidence for mental health and wellbeing benefits arising from exposure to natural environments, including reductions in stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

DEFRA’s (The Department of Environment and Food) 2017 review of the links between natural environments and human health
Bluebells close up in a wood

You can read more to help you assist your wellbeing here at