By Mary Jones 27th November 2019

144 young people, from 4 different groups have been supported through FSC Kids Fund in November, enabling them to enjoy an environmental education experience with FSC. FSC has contributed £7013 to support these students, thanks to donations it has received from donations and gifts to continue its environmental education work.

12 young people from a school in Tees Valley are going to experience the wilds of FSC Malham Tarn as they prepare to work in their school produce gardens, keeping the stream free from debris and looking after honey bees. The young people are part of a separate unit in school which supports students with acute anxiety issues and phobias which are so severe that they are barriers to making progress in school. The young people often come from chaotic and troubled home lives and have been chosen as they lack confidence and are demotivated in their learning.

An out of school playground in south London will support 12 young people to work in their fruit, veg and flower gardens, increasing their environmental knowledge and confidence through a two night stay at FSC Juniper Hall. The playground supports children, young people and families and the older ones support the younger ones.

Thanks to their grant, Raynham Primary School in north London will be able to bring all its 6-7 year olds out to FSC Epping Forest. Outdoor education is something the school desperately wants for the children, to increase their life experience and cultural capital and to develop their understanding of language, science and sustainability. In total 90 children will be involved, from this diverse school where over 40 different languages are spoken. The teachers want to address the fact that the majority of these children have never been to a woodland or forest before.

And finally 30 bright young people aged 12-13 years will take part in an introduction to the natural world, visiting the hills of Shropshire from their home in central Birmingham. Although these students attend an outstanding school, their lives spent in inner city spaces mean they lack awareness of and the confidence to explore the natural environment. The aspiration of this group is for the students to enjoy the natural environment and encourage them to become more informed influencers.