By Melanie Cousins 30th November 2020

With Christmas festivities just around the corner for most of us it’s a time of frenzied shopping whether it’s for turkey and sprouts or gifts for family and friends. But there a few simple things we can do to limit some of our unnecessary waste at this time of year. How many can you try?

1. Make or buy an advent calendar – This can be reused each year and filled with your own treats.

2. Less packaging – An easy way to reduce your waste this year is to look out for gift sets with less packaging, or buy separately and display in a useable container. Check out our wildlife themed gifts!

selection of fsc gifts

3. Get creative with your wrapping – You can reuse newspaper or old wrapping paper, or use brown paper and string to minimise sellotape use.

4. Plan your food – Make a sensible list of what you need and stick to it to reduce food waste. Compost any waste you do have.

A Christmas wreath made by Jenny Lewis

5. Use the outdoors to decorate – From twigs and fir cones to holly and willow wreaths, the natural world is a great source of decorating materials – and they don’t usually cost anything. Find inspiration on our craft courses

6. Reusable bags – Make sure you pack enough reusable bags when you’re out shopping so you don’t need to buy any.

7. Buy people experiences rather than physical items – Giving the gift of memories is often more welcomed than a present.

8. Spend an afternoon baking – Make your own treats like mince pies so you don’t need to buy them with all the packaging.

9. Save energy – Turn off Christmas tree lights when you’re out or in bed and use solar lights for outdoor decorations if you can.

10. Recycle recycle recycle – Inevitably there will be plenty of waste in most homes this Christmas. Take the time to sort through it and recycle as much as possible. Or keep things for next year if you can reuse them.

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