By Melanie Cousins 21st January 2021

FSC are delighted to be launching a new comprehensive atlas covering 75 species across three charismatic beetle families. These include species that play important roles in the recycling of dung and carrion, some of which have applications in forensic entomology, as well as species that display fascinating parental care behaviour.

Some of the most colourful species of Silphidae come to light and so are frequently found in moth traps.

Produced for the Biological Records Centre within the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, The Histeridae, Sphaeritidae and Silphidae of Britain and Ireland is both an atlas and a new identification guide, including distribution maps and identification keys of recorded species.

Packed with stunning photography, the aim of the book is to encourage the identification and recording of these fascinating insects.  

One of the authors Ashleigh Whiffin, Volunteer Silphidae Recording Scheme Organiser and Assistant Curator of Entomology at National Museums Scotland, says: “This was a fantastic publication to be part of creating. Steve and I are involved with running the two recording schemes for these beetle groups and together have collated over 47,000 records since 2016, thanks to a community of dedicated volunteer naturalists. The opportunity to increase awareness, knowledge and recording of these groups is really exciting.

For anyone with an interest in beetles or the natural world we think you will really enjoy and benefit from having this book as part of your collection”.

Steve Lane, another of the authors added: “There is much to discover about these fascinating beetles, indeed some coastal species have declined significantly and are threatened by habitat deterioration and possibly other factors. To understand their decline will require future research and monitoring.”

The book is available as an early-bird offer until 28th February 2021 at the special price of £20. Order your copy here.

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Phosphuga-atrata - AWhiffin
Phosphuga-atrata – A Whiffin